• Color touch screen that allows to save the different production programs
  • Servomotor technology for an optimal result and a higher cadence
  • Control by automaton
  • IPC interface with windows
  • Remote electric cabinet
  • Motorized film reel mandrel
  • Quick change tooling (forming box,fob..)
  • Style pouches : cushions, beads, fobs sealed corners…



Multiweigh multihead-weighers come from many years of experience and several thousand machines built. Butler gamut, entirely servo motorized allows to reach cadences up to 120 pouches/minute.

Butler was particulary developed to be a polyvalent machine. That why its chassis compeletly opened allows :

-To adjust in height to come fit in existing systems
-A complete and easy access for operators
-A simplified passageway and at breast height
-To avoid product retention areas
-A total opening on the ground to respond to the most demanding health needs
-To receive later if needed modules such as reel automatic connections and sealed corners modules.

An economic axis makes this machine particularly economical in energy with to consume only 1,2 kw 4 bar of air pressure.

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