• Stainless steel construction
  • Specific dosing pump and nozzles
  • Command touchscreen
  • Size change in 10 minutes
  • Glass or grid protection
  • Cadence up to 160 pouches/minute
  • Vibrating bowl for cap



The Toyo Jidoki fillers type SP series allow to fill liquid and pasty products via caps from 1 to 4 sections symultneaously to reach candences up to 160 pouches/minutes. The machine runs with preformed pouches transported and put in references by the cap.

A vacuum is done before dosing into the bagin order to guarantee an optimum filling. The filling is done by specifics pumps and nozzles for every product.

A cleaning of the cannula after filling, as a lidding, can be proposed in option before screwing the cap.  The pouches are then evacuated via a belt.TT15

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