• Color touchscreen
  • Pouches dimensions :
    – Width 80 to 180 mm
    – Lengh 100 to 300 mm
  • Production cadence up to 100 pouches/mn
  • Liquid filling system integrated
  • Pouches magazine type conveyor or elevator
  • Accessible parts for an easy cleaning
  • Size change in 10 minutes without tool




The TT9 CW is a rotative packaging running with preformed pouches.

Toyo Jidoki experience, more than 50 years, makes this machine particulary reliable and flexible. Format change is realized in less than 10 minutes by an operator without any tool.

With its 3 dedicated seal stations, the TT9 CW is particularly adapted on applications where the sealing quality is paramount, and that even on products that undergo a pasteurization or sterilization process.

The main applications are :

  • Cookies
  • Gravies
  • Cheeses
  • Pet food
  • Pharma and cosmetics dry products


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